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We're not just about baseboards!




Our core product. We make baseboards to any specification and any size. No matter how big or small. We manufacture in MDF and Birch Ply. We make closed frame and open frame to suit your exact requirements.

Our baseboards are CNC machined ensuring accuracy and speed. We decided CNC over laser cutting unlike many of our competitors because CNC routing is far superior, faster and no nasty burnt edges.

All of our baseboards are finished by hand leaving a beautiful tactile finish ready to paint or just leave raw.

We also make helices and pretty much anything else you can imagine!

Our baseboards have been used on series 1 and series 2 of the Great Model Railway Challenge.

CNC engineered baseboard

Design Service

We can design your layout from start to finish. Before starting to build your layout the most important step is track planning. We work closley with our clients to get an outline of thier needs. From there we produce an accurate computer generated track plan, and finalise the details with the client. The layout is fully planned and agreed before we start work.


Track Laying & Wiring

A very popular option, where we supply the baseboards, complete with the track laid and wired for DC or DCC, with point control.

We lay track to the very highest standard, keeping perfect sleeper spacing and track alignment throughout.

We solder power feed cables to every single piece of track and point, ensuring even power distribution and long term reliability.

Our layouts are fully plug and ply. From the moment of unpacking they are ready to use quite quickly. All wiring is on plugs between the boards making it a breeze to set up. 

Layout wiring

Signalling & Lighting

A very important aspect of your model railway. We can help you design your signalling plan to suit your layout.

We use multiple methods to switch signals, if they are semaphores or LED we use sensors in the track to detect aproaching trains. Or simple switches located in the control panel with indication LED's all the way up to computer control.

Layout lighting is also important, we can provide street lights, yard lights and building lights. All controlled from your control panel.

Layout scenery construction

Point Control Systems

We recommend the MegaPoints system, it's an easy to use but complex system that can control all the points and semaphores, gates and anything that needs to move on a layout.

Its easy to use and we build it into our layouts as a plug and play system making setting up your new layout a breeze.

Control panels

Training & Advise

We offer training on every layout that we build. Either in person or via Zoom. From teaching the very basics of DCC controllers right up to computer control.

We will also advise you on how best to design your layout to suit your needs. It can be difficult and daunting planning a layout.

Training and advise.
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